Promethean Spares and Chargeable Repairs Policy

Purchasing Spare Parts

Please contact your original equipment supplier to purchase listed spare parts. If you need help, please contact Promethean Support for guidance on finding your local supplier.

Chargeable Repairs

To request a chargeable repair quote for your ActivPanel Elements Series, please first check the warranty on the Registration Portal.

Visit Registration Portal

If your product is in warranty, please click here to search for help and troubleshooting information. If you cannot resolve the issue, Promethean Support will advise if the failure is covered under warranty.

If your product is out of warranty, please contact Promethean Support providing all relevant information to help us assist you as quickly as possible.

Spare Parts

The table below lists the part codes for ActivPanel Elements Series spares. If the part you require is not listed, please contact your local reseller.

Category Part Code Description
Accessories AP7-ERASER-B ActivPanel Titanium eraser
AP7-PEN-U ActivPanel Nickel pen
AP7-PEN-A ActivPanel Cobalt pen
AP7-PEN-B ActivPanel Titanium pen
AP-WIFI-A Wi-Fi module for ActivPanel Nickel and Cobalt
AP-WIFI-BC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module for ActivPanel Titanium
Remote control AP-REMOTE-CONTROL ActivPanel remote control
Cables AP5-CB-MAINS-UK UK power cable – 3 metres
AP5-CB-MAINS-EU EU power cable – 3 metres
AP5-CB-MAINS-US US power cable – 3 metres
AP5-CB-MAINS-AP APAC power cable – 3 metres
AP5-CB-MAINS-CN-1 China power cable – 3 metres
AP5-CB-MAINS-CN-2 China power cable – 3 metres
AP5-CB-MAINS-ZA South Africa power cable – 3 metres
AP-CB-HDMI HDMI cable – 1.5 metres
AP-CB-USB-A-B USB cable – 3 metres
Wall mount AP-WALLMNT-2 VESA wall mount for ActivPanel
Brackets AP-ASB-40-2-BRKT-KIT Bracket for ActivPanel (version 5 onwards) and ActivSoundBar
Kit includes 2 x DR-7141081 brackets and screws