Promethean Product End-of-Life Policy

This policy sets out the actions and activities Promethean will undertake in the instances where Promethean discontinues (End-of-Life) products, parts, components, software or related services.

For the purposes of this policy the following terms are defined:

  • General Availability: is the point following product launch that the product is widely available to purchase and fully supported.
  • End-of-Sale Notification: is the point when Promethean notifies channel partners that a product or service will shortly become end of life. Development of new product features will cease at this point.
  • End-of-Sale Date: is the date from which general availability ceases.  Promethean will no longer sell the product or service but will continue to provide customer support, in warranty replacements and software updates in the form of critical bug fixes and security updates.
  • End-of-Support Date: is the final stage of the process at which point the product becomes End-of-Life.  Promethean will cease to provide any type of support, product replacements, software updates or standard warranty related services for the product, part, component or service; except for any products under an extended warranty.

Policy Guidelines

As a rule, Promethean will provide not less than 90 days’ notice on the affected product’s End-of-Sale Date to business partners, distributors and resellers via its partner portals and partner communications, unless the End-of-Sale is forced due to circumstances beyond Promethean’s control.

In instances where there is an End-of-Life of a product, part, component or service by Promethean, Promethean will continue to provide software upgrades and replacements under warranty until the End-of-Support Date.  The End-of-Support Date will typically be the final warranty period plus a maximum one additional year’s grace period, however there may be a limited number of exceptions to this (please see Support Timeline Table below).

Promethean will retain stock after the End-of-Sale Date to be sold as spare parts for as long as it is able to continue to source the product, part or component from its suppliers.  The availability of spare parts and accessories for purchase is always on a best endeavours basis and Promethean will prioritise any remaining stock to first satisfy potential warranty claims.

No warranty is provided for products, parts or components sold as spares unless stated otherwise.

Packaged software products will be supported for a maximum of one version releases from the purchased version and Software-as-a-Service products will be supported for a minimum of 12 months following the End-of-Sale Date.

Full details and applicable End-of-Sale, End-of-Software Updates, End-of-Support and Final Supported Firmware versions will be available on the Promethean Support site for any End-of-Life products from 2019 onwards.

This policy is subject to change at Promethean’s sole discretion.

Nothing set out in this policy or communicated in relation to any discontinued product, part, component or service will affect any rights to which you may be entitled as a matter of law with respect to the sale or supply of any product, part, component, software or service.

Support Timeline Table

The below table outlines the standard timescales for End-of-Life support for Promethean products, software and related services.

Any exceptions to these guidelines will be detailed on the Promethean Support site.

Hardware End-of-Sale Notice Standard Warranty Extended Warranty End-of-Product Support Date
Front of Class Display | Interactive Whiteboard/Interactive Flat Panel Display 90 Days 3 Years 4 Years
Front of Class Display | Interactive Whiteboard/Interactive Flat Panel Display 90 Days 3 Years 2 Years 6 Years
Front of Class Display | Interactive Whiteboard/Interactive Flat Panel Display 90 Days 3 Years 4 Years 8 Years
Computing Modules 90 Days 3 Years 4 Years
Accessories* 90 Days 1 Year 2 Years

*Pens, Soundbars, Stands, Projectors or any other accompanying product to a Front of Class Display.

Software End-of-Sale Notice Standard Warranty End-of-Support
Packaged Software Immediate Version N-1 180 Days
Software-as-a-Service 90 Days 1 Year 1 Year

Support Lifecycle Table

The table below shows the different lifecycle stages and what customers and partners can expect as it pertains to support during each stage.

Any exceptions to these guidelines will be detailed on the Promethean Support site.

Product Sales Warranty Support Technical Support Critical Bug Fixes Security Updates Feature Development Purchase Spares
During General Availability Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
From End-of-Sale Notification Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
From End-of-Sale No Yes Yes Yes Yes No If available
From End-of-Support No No No No No No If available

Following the End-of-Sale date security updates and critical bug fixes will be subject to resource availability and technical feasibility and therefore provided on a best endeavours basis only.

End-of-Life Tracker

Please visit the End-of-Life Tracker to view a list of core products that have been retired. It also includes details of final firmware and driver software versions, and most recent operating systems supported.

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