1789 - Update notification from within ActivInspire | Promethean Support

1789 – How do I know if an update is available from within ActivInspire?

Applicable to:

  • ActivInspire


  • Mac


  • Windows


When an update is available from within ActivInspire, a notification will appear on the Dashboard.

ActivInspire Dashboard showing a notification that an update is available

It will show if the Dashboard is left open for five seconds, with the computer connected to the Internet.

Click on the notification to download the latest version of ActivInspire.

Once downloaded, run the file and accept the license agreement to install it.

Previous versions

If you are using an older version of ActivInspire (v2.15 or below) and have enabled automatic checks for updates, you will see a popup instead.

ActivInspire popup showing that an update is available in ActivInspire v2.15 or older

To enable automatic updates on Windows, go to File and choose Settings. On macOS, go to the ActivInspire menu and choose Preferences.

Select Online Settings and tick the box next to Check for software update on startup.

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