1748 - How do I add/remove accounts on a Chromebox? | Promethean Support

1748 – How do I add and remove an account from the Promethean Chromebox?

Applicable to:

  • Promethean Chromebox

    Promethean Chromebox

Adding an account

On the sign-in screen, click Add Person in the bottom left.

Enter the Google account email address and password, and click Next.

Follow the on-screen instructions to add the user account to the Promethean Chromebox.

Removing an account

On the sign-in screen, click the down arrow next to the account that you want to remove.

Click Remove this user.

In the box that appears, click Remove this user.

When you remove an account, all files and local data associated with that account will be permanently deleted, the Google account itself, including its data and settings, will still exist.

The first Google account that is used to sign into a Promethean Chromebox usually becomes the Owner account. It is not possible to remove the Owner account in this manner. You will need to follow the instructions in article 1745 to Powerwash your device.

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