1745 - How do I factory reset my Chromebox? | Promethean Support

1745 – How do I factory reset my Promethean Chromebox?

Applicable to:

  • Promethean Chromebox

    Promethean Chromebox

Tap the status area in the bottom right corner.

Tap the gear icon to go into Settings.

Scroll down and tap on Advanced, then scroll down to the Reset settings section.

The first option will reset your startup page, new tab page, search engine and pinned tabs. It will disable all extensions and clear temporary data like cookies.
Bookmarks, history and saved passwords will not be cleared.

The second option will reset your device to be just like new, erasing all data stored on your Promethean Chromebox, for all accounts such as:

  • Downloaded files
  • Apps
  • Owner permissions
  • Photos
  • Saved networks

As such, we recommended that you back up your files.

‘Powerwashing’ the device will also remove all user accounts from the device, however the Google accounts and any data synced to those accounts will not be affected.

  • To powerwash your device, tap Powerwash, and then Restart.
  • In the window that appears, tap Powerwash, and then Continue.
  • Follow the steps that appear and sign in with a Google account, this account will become the new owner account.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.