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1732 – How to reset Windows or re-image your OPS-M

Applicable to:

  • OPS M

    OPS M

The OPS-M is a unique form factor computer that can be imaged in a similar fashion to any other device.

In order to reset or re-image your OPS-M, you need to enter the Recovery environment. The device will automatically present you with a Recovery pop-up if it fails to boot after a couple of attempts, allowing you to see Advanced Repair options. Alternatively, if you are able to access the Login screen and initiate a Restart from within Windows, hold down the Shift key whilst clicking on Restart to force the device into the Recovery environment.

Please note, the ability to access the Recovery environment by using an F key has been disabled on the OPS-M.

To reset Windows, enter the Recovery environment and click on Reset this PC and follow the on-screen instructions.

To re-image the device, enter the Recovery environment, click on Troubleshoot and then Advanced options. Now, select System Image Recovery where you can recover using a specific system image file.

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