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1725 – How do I create a ClassFlow activity?

Applicable to:

  • ClassFlow


An activity can be delivered directly to a class, or added to a lesson.

The following types of activity are available:

Categorize Crossword Flash Cards Labeled Diagram Matching
Memory Game Sequencing Timeline Venn Diagram Word Search
  1. To create an activity, launch the Activity Builder by clicking Create Activity on the home page. Alternatively, select the Resources tab and click New | Activity.
  2. The default activity type is Matching. Click Change Activity to select a different one.
  3. Enter a title and then add the content for your activity. Note: single words must be used for word search and crossword answers.
  4. Customise your design by choosing a colour theme and background image.
  5. Select Preview to test your activity, and when you have finished, click the menu button and select Save.

If you have selected the wrong activity type, don’t worry! Simply click Change Activity at the top of the screen and select a different one. All of the content you have entered will remain.

Activities will be available under Resources, which can then be delivered to a class, or added to a lesson card and sent to students. For a demonstration about how to use activities in a ClassFlow lesson, please click the video thumbnail below.


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