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1719 – Using ‘Drag and Drop to Container’ in ClassFlow

Applicable to:

  • ClassFlow


Containers are a fun and interactive activity for your students which accept or reject objects that you have set up in advance. To begin, you need to add at least two containers to your lesson card; blank rectangles are ideal.

Next, add some objects that the containers will hold. Shapes, text or images work well, and you may also include your own resources.
User-added image
Once you have prepared your card, select the first of your containers, click the cog icon and select Actions.
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Select Drag & Drop to Container from the drop down menu.

Click Select Object(s). Now, click on the objects that can be accepted by the first container. They will appear in the Contained Object(s) panel. If you select one by accident, simply remove it by clicking the trash symbol.
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When you have finished, click Done Selecting.

You also have the option to play sounds when objects are correctly or incorrectly placed. Click Play Sound and browse for any .mp3 file. To preview a sound before selecting it, click its ‘i’ icon to display more information. Highlight your chosen .mp3 file and click Select.
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Note: Other sound files types may also play but they are not supported.

Click Save, and repeat this process to assign the remaining objects to another container. Any objects that are not assigned to a container can be placed anywhere on the card, unless you choose to lock them.

The ‘Drag and Drop to Container’ action only takes effect in Presenter and in any cards sent to students. To test your containers, click Preview, or Deliver to present the card to a Class.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.