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1665 – My ActivBoard Touch is too sensitive

Applicable to:

  • ActivBoard Digital Pen

    ActivBoard Digital Pen

  • ActivBoard Touch

    ActivBoard Touch

Some interactive whiteboards for education use infrared (IR) technology that embeds the touch overlays in the bezel. This produces an invisible grid of IR beams and sensors that detect touch when the plane of the grid is broken by touch.
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Although an excellent multi-touch solution, IR technology has several issues:

  • Solid objects, resting a palm, or other obstructions can block the IR beams.
  • Performance can be affected by extremely bright sunlight.
  • Touch can be recognized without having to make contact with the surface, which isn’t always intuitive.

If you find the ActivBoard Touch to respond too sensitively, please ensure that the connected computer is set to the optimum screen resolution. Additionally, if you have purchased the ActivBoard digital pen, please ensure you have paired it.

Using the ActivBoard digital pen as a stylus, without pairing it, can cause the ActivBoard to treat it as a touch input because it breaks the IR grid before it touches the surface. Pairing the ActivBoard digital pen enables the use of both left and right click, and allows the ActivBoard to distinguish between hovering (digital pen not touching the surface) and writing (digital pen touching the surface).

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