1646 - Manually uninstall ActivInspire (Mac) | Promethean Support

1646 – How do I manually uninstall ActivInspire on Mac?

Applicable to:

  • ActivInspire


  • Mac


If you are unable to uninstall ActivInspire using the uninstaller application, disconnect all Promethean devices from your Mac and follow the instructions below.

By following these instructions, you will remove all elements of the ActivInspire application, including the licencing information. If you will be reinstalling the application, you will need your ActivInspire licence key. Make a note of this before removing any files.

Ensure that you are logged onto the computer as a full administrator, and that you can also view hidden folders on the system. If you are not a full administrator or cannot view hidden folders on the system, please contact your network administrator for further advice.

The following locations are based on a standard installation using the default ActivInspire paths. Go to these locations and delete these files/folders if they exist:

Users | USERNAME | Documents | Activ SoftwareActivInspire | My Resources and delete the My Profiles folder (N.B. If you have created custom profiles that you wish to use again, copy and paste these files into a different location before deleting them)
Users | USERNAME | .config | Promethean and delete the ActivInspire folder
Users | USERNAME | Library | Preferences and delete com.prometheanworld.ActivSoftware.ActivInspire.1.plist
Applications | Promethean and delete the Activsoftware Inspire folder
private | var | db | receipts and delete the following .bom and .plist files if they are present (N.B. This is a hidden folder; to toggle hidden folders visibility on a Mac press the ‘Shift’, ‘Cmd’ and ‘period’ keys on your keyboard together):
          com.promethean.ActivsoftwareInspireHelpXXX.bom (XXX denotes the country specific code)
          com.promethean.ActivsoftwareInspireHelpXXX.plist (XXX denotes the country specific code)
          com.promethean.ActivsoftwareInspireHWR.XXX.bom (XXX denotes the country specific code)
          com.promethean.ActivsoftwareInspireHWR.XXX.plist (XXX denotes the country specific code)
          com.promethean.ActivsoftwareInspireResourcesXXX.bom (XXX denotes the country specific code)
          com.promethean.ActivsoftwareInspireResourcesXXX.plist (XXX denotes the country specific code)

Restart your Mac to clear the cache and remove ActivInspire and its components. Next time you log in, ActivInspire should no longer be installed.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.