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1628 – How do I check that the ActivPanel 4.5, 5, 6 or i-Series is receiving RS232 commands?

Applicable to:

  • ActivPanel


This article assumes that your computer does not have a serial port.

Recommended hardware and software

  • ActivPanel version 4.5, 5, 6 or i-Series
  • USB to serial converter, with appropriate drivers installed
  • Straight RS232 cable or crossed RS232 cable: you may need a crossed RS232 cable, depending on the capabilities of the USB to serial converter in use
  • Windows PC
  • Hercules 3.2.8 (Freeware)
  • ActivPanel RS232 codes from article 1561 (ActivPanel 4.5), 1595 (ActivPanel 5 and 6) or 1632 (ActivPanel i-Series)

Before you begin

Ensure the ActivPanel is on standby, indicated by a red LED in the bottom right hand corner.
Disconnect all cables from the ActivPanel, except for the power cables.
Download Hercules 3.2.8 and save it to your desktop.
Connect the USB to serial converter to a USB port on your computer.
Connect the relevant RS232 cable to the converter.
Connect the RS232 connector to the RS232 IN port on the side of the ActivPanel.

Testing the ActivPanel for RS232

Open Hercules and click on the Serial tab.

User-added image
Set the following options:
Name – The COM port the USB to serial converter has been assigned on your computer, e.g. COM5.
Baud – 115200 (ActivPanel 4.5), 38400 (ActivPanel 5 & 6) or 19200 (ActivPanel i-Series)
Data Size – 8
Parity – none
Handshake – OFF
Mode – Free

Ensure that the first HEX checkbox is selected at the bottom of this window.
User-added image
Click Open.
User-added image
If the correct serial port is selected in the Name dropdown, the following message will be displayed:

Serial port opened
User-added image
We will now send commands to confirm that the ActivPanel is receiving them correctly. The first command to send is Power On. Type the command (including spaces) into the first field and click Send.
User-added image
You will now see data and text displayed in the Received/Sent data window: this is the ActivPanel boot process. The ActivPanel will begin to start up. Wait until No Signal is displayed on the ActivPanel.
User-added image
You can now clear the text in the Received/Sent data window by right clicking on the text and selecting Clear Window.

Send some more commands to the ActivPanel to ensure it is receiving them. If everything functions as expected, then the ActivPanel is working correctly. Should you require further assistance, please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.