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1621 – ActivHub firmware upgrade instructions

Applicable to:

  • ActivHub


Before you begin

Ensure that you are using ActivDriver version 5.5 or later by clicking the ActivManager icon in your system tray or toolbar. Select Control Panel and check the version at the bottom of the window.
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If you do not have ActivDriver version 5.5 or above, please download the latest version for Windows and Mac from our Support Site. Linux users should visit article 1017.

ActivHub firmware upgrade

Firstly, connect your ActivHub to a USB port on your computer and click the ActivManager icon then Control Panel. In the list of hardware, select the ActivHub and click Upgrade.
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Select Internet as the source and click Load then OK.
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If you already have the latest firmware, the dialog displays a confirmation message. If this is the case, click No then Close, and remember to periodically check for updates. Doing so will ensure that the ActivHub supports the latest Promethean products and features.
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If a firmware upgrade is available you will see a popup. The latest version is selected by default. Click OK to download.
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Click Yes to begin the upgrade.
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Once the upgrade begins, the progress bar will advance toward 100%. Once complete, you will see a popup to confirm the upgrade was successful. Click OK to finish, then Close.
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The ActivHub has been upgraded. Reset the ActivHub by selecting it from the list of hardware, and clicking Reset Hub. Click Yes to confirm.
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All registered devices are removed from the ActivHub. Click Close.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.