1609 - How do I assign students to devices? | Promethean Support

1609 – How do I assign students to devices?

Applicable to:

  • ActivExpression


  • ActivExpression2


  • ActivInspire


  • ActiVote


Ensure you have registered enough devices for the number of students in your class.

Open the Voting Browser and click Assign students to devices. Alternatively, go to the Edit menu and select Student Database.
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Choose a class from the dropdown menu. If you have not already created a class, please refer to articles 1607 and 1608 for further information.
If you have not registered enough devices, a warning will be displayed. Click Top-Up Registration to register more devices.
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To quickly assign devices to students, select Automatically assign devices and then click Assign Devices.
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The students’ names will be highlighted in green. Click Finish to assign the names to the devices.
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Alternatively, select Assign devices by PIN and click Assign Devices to display a Device PIN, which should be entered on the student’s device when prompted. (ActiVote users should type the PIN code, and do not have to press the central button). Once entered, the student’s name will be highlighted in green. When all devices have been assigned, click Finish.
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If you still need technical support, please contact us.