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1594 – The ActivCalibrate app does not work

Applicable to:

  • ActivConnect G Series

    ActivConnect G

  • ActivPanel


When using the ActivConnect G with an ActivPanel, an error message is displayed when launching the ActivCalibrate app:

“Failed to connect to ActivBoard. Press ESC or touch surface to quit, then retry.”

To resolve this problem, upgrade the bezel firmware on your ActivPanel by following the instructions in article 1160. You must use a Mac or Windows computer, with the latest version of ActivDriver, to perform the upgrade.

Once the upgrade is complete, remove the USB cable(s) from the USB and USB/OTG ports on the ActivConnect G. Connect the ActivPanel’s USB cable to the USB port on the ActivConnect G.

User-added image
Launch the ActivCalibrate app again, and you will be prompted to complete the calibration.

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