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1578 – How to use the VGA adaptor provided with ActivPanel 4

Applicable to:

  • ActivPanel


The ActivPanel 4 does not have a VGA input, so customers wishing to use a VGA connection should use the adaptor provided.

Connect the USB cable provided to your computer, and the other end to the USB/POWER port on the adaptor.
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Connect a VGA cable between your computer and the VGA input on the adaptor. To play sound, you should also connect a 3.5mm audio cable from your computer’s headphone port to the AUDIO input on the adaptor.
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Connect the HDMI cable provided between the HDMI output on the adaptor, and one of the HDMI inputs on the ActivPanel, e.g. HDMI 1.
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Finally, set the source as the relevant HDMI port on the ActivPanel e.g. HDMI 1.

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