1556 - How do I update the ActivConnect software? | Promethean Support

1556 – How do I update the ActivConnect software?

Applicable to:

  • ActivConnect G Series

    ActivConnect G

  • ActivConnect OPS G

    ActivConnect OPS G

It may be necessary to whitelist the following URLs:

  • https://otaupdate.prometheanworld.com
  • cdn-otaupdate.prometheanworld.com

Please note, when updating your device, this should be done using the owner profile.

Tap the setting icon in the bottom left corner.
User-added image
Tap the gear icon.
User-added image
Tap Update.
User-added image
Tap Online update.
User-added image
Follow the instructions on screen to first download the update.

Once it has finished downloading, make sure you install the update by tapping the button on screen.

Your device will reboot once the update has been installed.

To confirm the ActivConnect has been updated to the latest version, go back to the Update screen.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.