1536 - How do I factory reset my device? | Promethean Support

1536 – How do I factory reset my device?

Applicable to:

  • ActivConnect M-Series

    ActivConnect M-Series

  • ClassFlow Connect

    ClassFlow Connect

Factory resetting the device will:

  • Clear and return all settings to default
  • Reset the administrator password
  • Reset the End User License Agreement acceptance
  • Clear and disable proxy settings
  • Clear the WiFi password
  • Reset the language to US English
  • Reset the device name to default

Additionally, on ActivConnect M-Series devices:

  • All saved Gallery images will be deleted
  • Send snapshots by email option will be disabled
  • The home page will revert to ClassFlow.com

From the menu, select Settings | Factory Reset. Click OK to proceed.
User-added image
The device will restart automatically when the factory reset is complete.

NB: These instructions are not applicable to the Windows 10 model of ClassFlow Connect.

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