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1479 – 2.4GHz ActivSlate Firmware Upgrade

Applicable to:

  • ActivDriver


  • ActivHub


  • ActivSlate


The firmware upgrade should only be carried out on the advice of Promethean Technical Customer Support. If you are unsure about performing the firmware upgrade, please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support. Performing a firmware upgrade unnecessarily may damage your ActivSlate.

Before you begin

To check your current firmware version, use the ActivPen to click on the MENU option on the LCD screen of the slate and click NEXT until you come to Diagnostics. The current firmware version will be listed.

This article applies to ActivSlates with the following firmware versions: 105, 7.105, 7.106, 305, 7.305 and 7.306.

If your ActivSlate firmware version is not listed above, please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support for advice on whether or not to proceed with the update.

Checking existing 2.4GHz ActivHub firmware

In order to update the ActivSlate firmware, your 2.4GHz ActivHub must be using at least version 5.09 firmware. Firstly, connect your ActivHub to a USB port on your computer and click the ActivManager icon then Control Panel. In the list of hardware, locate the ActivHub and check the Firmware column. If you are using a firmware version less than 5.09, please follow the instructions in article 1420 before proceeding.

Updating the 2.4GHz ActivSlate

Download the update and extract the contents of the folder to your desktop. Select the relevant file as follows:

If your firmware starts with 1 or 7.1, use the 7.107 upgrade file.

If your firmware starts with 3 or 7.3, use the 7.307 upgrade file.

If your ActivSlate has firmware 101 b22, please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support.

User-added image

User-added image

Click on the ActivManager icon in the system tray/toolbar, and select Control Panel. Tick the box to display all 2.4GHz wireless device types and select the ActivSlate.

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Click Upgrade.

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Select File as the source and click Load.

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Browse to the folder on your desktop, select the appropriate file and click Open.

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Click Upgrade. Read the instructions and click OK.

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The upgrade will begin and the progress bar will advance from 0% to 100%. This will happen repeatedly until you stop the upgrade.

Use the ActivPen on the ActivSlate’s LCD screen to tap the MENU option, and tap NEXT until you reach RF Upgrade.

Here, tap FIND and then START.

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You will see a progress bar as the ActivSlate receives the upgrade.

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The ActivSlate will automatically switch off. Once this happens, switch it back on and allow the upgrade process to finalise. WRITE will be displayed on the ActivSlate’s LCD screen until the upgrade is complete.

On your computer, click Stop and close ActivManager.

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If you still need technical support, please contact us.