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1418 – Troubleshooting USB connection problems

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    Interactive Whiteboards

This article is intended for IT staff and Promethean Trained Installers. Everyone is welcome to follow this guide, but we advise against moving any equipment or working within critical components of your operating system unless you have experience and are comfortable doing so.

If your computer is connected to the ActivBoard via USB and your ActivPen is not working, it is likely that the ActivBoard is not being detected.

Ensure the latest version of ActivDriver is installed. You can download the update from our Support site. Once installed, you will see the ActivManager icon appear in your toolbar or system tray, depending on your operating system. Click the ActivManager icon and select Control Panel.
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On the Hardware tab, you can check the version of ActivDriver installed on your computer and compare to the latest version on our Support site. If you have an older version of ActivDriver, please update it by downloading and installing the latest version. If you are a Linux user, please consult article 1017 for further information.

Once ActivDriver is up to date, ensure the ActivBoard is listed under the Hardware tab. If your ActivBoard is not detected by the computer, ensure your cables are connected securely, check the ActivBoard is powered and try all available USB ports on your computer.

If the ActivBoard is detected by the computer but the ActivPen is not working, go to the Pens tab and ensure that the Mouse option is selected.
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Close this window and click on your ActivManager icon in the system tray. Select Calibration, then Quick or Precision. Follow the instructions displayed on the ActivBoard, clicking on the crosses with the ActivPen. If the ActivPen is not interactive, try another working ActivPen.

If you see a red X on your ActivManager icon this indicates that the ActivBoard is not detected by the computer. Ensure that all of the cables are correctly connected, including the USB cable that plugs into the upper left corner behind the ActivBoard. Return to the ActivManager Control Panel and check the Hardware tab.

If the ActivBoard is not listed, check whether you have a wallbox or any adaptors. Reset your ActivBoard by disconnecting the power supply and USB cable. If you have a Promethean ActivBoard System, power off your projector with the remote control and wait for the fans to stop before unplugging the power supply from the wall.

Reconnect the power supply and USB cable. Click the ActivManager icon and select Control Panel. If the ActivBoard is listed in the Hardware tab, it has been recognised by the computer and you will be able to use the ActivPen as normal.

If the ActivBoard is not detected, Windows users should right click on Computer and select Manage. Open the Device Manager then Human Interface Devices. If any of the devices have an error status (a yellow exclamation mark) please consult article 1039 for instructions on how to manually update the device driver.
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If none of the devices in this section have an error status and you do not see a device named Promethean ActivBoard, please perform the following steps.

Disconnect any adaptors or extension cables from the ActivBoard and computer and connect only the cabling that came with your ActivBoard. Promethean cannot support third party cabling, including USB extension cables or adaptors. Please consult article 1058 for more information. Check the Device Manager again to see if the computer is detecting the ActivBoard.

If your ActivBoard uses a Promethean wallbox, bypass it by removing the USB cable and connecting the ActivBoard directly to your computer using a 5m/16’ USB cable. You should also try all USB ports on your computer.

If there is an error status, manually update the ActivDriver following article 1039. If you see Promethean ActivBoard, close the Device Manager and click the ActivManager icon in the system tray. Select Control Panel and check whether the ActivBoard is listed under the Hardware tab.

If ActivManager is not detecting the ActivBoard, connect another computer that works normally with other ActivBoards. Alternatively, take this computer to another known working ActivBoard to see if it works properly.

If the issue persists please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.