1366 - How do I define MIME types for flipcharts? | Promethean Support

1366 – How do I define MIME types for my flipcharts?

Applicable to:

  • ActivInspire


  • ActivPrimary


  • ActivStudio


Sometimes flipcharts will open as .zip files when downloaded from a resource website. This is because websites contain information on MIME types.

These MIME types tell the web server how to treat a file, and what kind of application will open that file. These should be defined by the webmaster responsible for that server.

Add the following information to the server configuration or to a .htaccess file in the root of the website.

ActivPrimary 2

AddType application/ACTIVprimary2 flp

AddType application/ACTIVprimary2D flp

ActivStudio 2 Student Edition

AddType application/AS2SED flp

AddType application/AS2SE flp

ActivStudio 2 Professional Edition

AddType application/AS2PED flp

AddType application/AS2PE flp

AddType application/AS2PE flp

ActivPrimary 3

AddType application/ACTIVprimary3 flp

AddType application/ACTIVprimary3D flp

AddType application/ACTIVprimary3.5 flp

AddType application/ACTIVprimary3.5D flp

ActivStudio 3 Professional Edition

AddType application/AS3PED flp

AddType application/AS3PE flp

AddType application/AS3.5PED flp

AddType application/AS3.5PE flp


AddType application/Inspire flp

AddType application/Inspire flipchart

Please note, support for ActivStudio and ActivPrimary was withdrawn in December 2011.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.