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1289 – LCD projector care guidelines

Applicable to:

  • PRM 10

    PRM 10

  • PRM 20

    PRM 20

  • PRM 30

    PRM 30

Recommended Operation

  • Turn the projector on 5 minutes prior to intended use.
  • Turn the projector to Standby when not using it for a period of time greater than 15 minutes. Note: The No Show function is not the same as Standby and should not be used for extended periods of time.
  • After turning the projector to Standby, never turn it back on immediately; you should wait approximately 30 minutes.
  • Always power the projector off with the remote control provided; never use the wall switch.
  • Clean/replace the air filters as required*.
  • Remove dust accumulation around the ventilation grills on a regular basis*.
Model Cleanable Filter Replaceable Filter Only
PRM-10 Y N
PRM-20 Y N
PRM-30 N Y

PRM-10 & PRM-20

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How often should the filters be cleaned?

This is purely dependent on the environment in which the projector is installed; it will be different for each and every school and classroom.*

  • To assess the maintenance cycle for your classroom Promethean recommends that the two filters are initially checked after a period of one week, if dust is visible at this stage then your filters should be cleaned at least once a week.
  • If not, replace the filters and check them again after another week, continue to do this until dust build up is visible and your maintenance cycle is determined.
  • Promethean recommends that you use a vacuum cleaner, if possible, to extract the dust from the filters as they are removed, otherwise dust may fall from the filters into the filter slots and in turn into the projectors internal optics.


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How often should the filter be replaced?

This is purely dependent on the environment in which the projector is installed; it will be different for each and every school and classroom.*

  • This model has a filter counter built in, Promethean recommends that this should initially be set to 2000 hours** (please consult the User Manual for in-depth instructions on how to do this).
  • When 2000 hours has elapsed a filter warning will appear on screen, at which stage the filter should be removed and inspected.
  • Hold the filter up to the light; you should be able to see through it.
  • If you can no longer see through the filter, purchase a replacement.
  • If you can see through the filter, refit and change the filter warning to 3000 hours.
  • Check again when prompted and adhere to the same guidelines as above, this time changing the filter warning to 4000 hours if needs be.
  • The assembly should be used for no more than 4000 hours.

This document does not replace the User Manual supplied with your projector. For detailed instructions on the use and care of your projector please read the User Manual.

* Faults caused as a result of poor maintenance e.g. dust contamination will not be covered by the Promethean Warranty – please consult the terms and conditions for further details.

** In some environments the filter assembly may become blocked earlier than 2000 hours therefore Promethean recommends that the filter assembly is initially checked after 1000 hours’ use.

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