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1286 – How do I troubleshoot environmental issues?

Applicable to:

  • ActivBoard 100

    ActivBoard 100

  • ActivBoard 300 Pro

    ActivBoard 300 Pro

  • ActivBoard 300 Standard

    ActivBoard 300 Standard

  • ActivBoard 500 Pro

    ActivBoard 500 Pro

  • ActivBoard Touch

    ActivBoard Touch

  • X1st Generation ActivBoard

    1st Generation ActivBoard

  • X2nd Generation ActivBoard

    2nd Generation ActivBoard

This article is designed for ActivBoard users that have already completed full troubleshooting of the ActivBoard system and computer. Should you encounter spiking issues with your ActivBoard, it is possible that the causes are environmental factors in the classroom itself.

Other electrical appliances in the classroom such as lighting, air conditioning or other devices could be interfering with the ActivBoard’s interactivity.

As these appliances could be permanent features in the classroom, isolating or removing them may not be possible. In this instance, it is more practical to take the ActivBoard into another classroom where the ActivBoard system works correctly. This is straightforward if you are using an ActivBoard Mobile System, whereas ActivBoard Fixed and Adjustable Systems should only be handled by a competent person. Please note that only the ActivBoard itself should be removed into another classroom for this test. The projector and cabling should remain in the original classroom and should only be moved if the issue does not follow the ActivBoard into another classroom.

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