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1215 – Why aren’t replacement batteries working in my ActivExpression2 devices?

Applicable to:

  • ActivExpression2


Some AA batteries have different sized positive (+) terminals depending on their manufacturer. Batteries with a smaller positive terminal may not work after insertion.
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If this is the case, the positive connector on the ActivExpression2 device can be adjusted. Use a very small flat-blade screwdriver or other sharp, pointed instrument to gently prise forward the curved part of the positive connector.
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The next image shows the adjusted positive connector which has been moved slightly forward, compared to the other connectors which have not been adjusted.
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Once you have adjusted all three positive connectors, insert the replacement batteries.
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The batteries should now make contact with the positive connector. You may notice a small gap between the battery and the plastic housing. This is normal.

Replace the battery cover and tighten the screw. Power on the ActivExpression2 device.

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