1205 - How do I calibrate the ActivPanel? | Promethean Support

1205 – How do I calibrate the ActivPanel?

Applicable to:

  • ActivPanel


  • ActivPanel Elements Series

    ActivPanel Elements Series

The ActivPanel Elements Series does not require calibration.

Previous versions of ActivPanel do not require calibration unless the cursor is not aligned correctly with your finger or pen.

Should your ActivPanel require calibration, please watch our Getting Started video for a demonstration on how to do this. Customers with an ActivPanel 1 will not be able to calibrate through ActivManager and should use the Tablet PC Settings within the Windows Control Panel to do this.

ActivPanel 4 and 4.5 users can use the ActivConnect G’s ActivCalibrate app to calibrate the ActivPanel.

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