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1188 – 3D FAQs

Applicable to:

  • EST P1

    EST P1

  • PRM 32

    PRM 32

  • PRM 35

    PRM 35

  • PRM 45 A

    PRM 45 A

  • UST P1

    UST P1

  • UST P2

    UST P2

Is my Promethean projector 3D compatible?

Only Promethean’s DLP projectors are 3D compatible.

In order to view 3D content on a PRM-32, PRM-35 or EST-P1, your computer must have a Quad Core graphics card. Please see articles 1098 and 1100 for more details.

To view content on a UST, please see articles 1099 and 1101 for more details.

What type of 3D does my projector use?

The PRM-32, PRM-35 and EST-P1 use Frame Sequential. The UST uses either Frame Packing, top/bottom, side by side or Frame Sequential.

Can I use my projector normally when 3D is activated?

I have a Quad Core Graphics Card

Yes, any 2D content will be shown as normal if 3D has been activated, and 3D content that appears will show as 3D. Please be aware that in different 3D formats the 2D image will be distorted, to view 3D and 2D at the same time selecting the 3D format Frame Sequential will produce the best image quality.

I don’t have a Quad Core Graphics Card

No, it is only possible to view either 2D or 3D, not both together; this is because the graphics card is not powerful enough to render both at the same time.

Which 3D glasses should I use?

Any 3D glasses that use Active Shutter Technology and utilise DLP Technology can be used. Promethean does not advocate any particular brand.

Can I use my Promethean ActivBoard to interact with the 3D?

Yes, it is very dependent on the 3D content being used, but most interactive 3D can be controlled using our ActivBoards.

Can I use my regular VGA cable to view 3D or do I need a HDMI cable?

DLP 3D will function through both VGA and HDMI. To use 3D Blu-ray DVD players, HDMI cables that are 1.4 compatible must be used.

Can I view 3D photos using Promethean projectors?

Yes, as long as you have a suitable 3D image viewer to view the images. For more information please contact your supplier.

Do I have to be exactly face on to the projection surface to view 3D?

Active Glasses can view 3D image from most angles; there is a 120 degree range around the image, and students can sit up to 10 metres away from the projection surface while still experiencing the full benefit of Stereoscopic 3D.

Is there a set distance that I need to be in order to view the 3D?

No, however the 3D may have a better effect if you are at least a couple of metres away from the projection surface.

Why do the lenses on my 3D glasses flicker when using 3D?

This flickering is caused by interference. Interference such as fluorescent lamps in classrooms may cause flickering; turning off the interference will stop this.

I already have 3D glasses from the cinema; can I use these?

No, 3D cinema glasses use Red/Green or Red/Blue systems, the colours act as filters for the two coloured projected images on a cinema screen. Promethean projectors use Stereoscopic 3D to create a 3D image and for this reason, 3D cinema glasses will not work.

The 3D option is greyed out on the projector settings

Ensure you have plugged your projector into a compatible device. Make sure your PC has an output of 120Hz.

3D randomly disables even when all required 3D options are selected

Restart your computer.

Looking at 3D gives me a headache

Extended periods of time viewing 3D can cause headaches; it is recommended that regular breaks be taken when viewing 3D.

Playing 3D YouTube content

To play 3D YouTube content on Promethean ST and EST DLP projectors, your web browser should be on the latest version. Please be aware that some videos may not be able to play in the relevant 3D format.

Playing 3D YouTube content is easy on the UST. Simply match the 3D format chosen on your video to that in the projector menu system. Please see article 1099 for more details.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.