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1173 – Do ActiVote and ActivExpression devices contain latex?

Applicable to:

  • ActivExpression


  • ActivExpression2


  • ActiVote


ActiVote and ActivExpression devices are latex-free.

ActivExpression student touch points are ABS plastic, except for the internals.

The only rubber-based materials in the ActivExpression2 student touch points are in the rear cover and are TPE (UL safety approved grade). TPE is a common material used in most products: toothbrushes, mobile phones, footwear, medical products, automotive touch point applications etc. and does not present any issues with severe allergic reactions.

The most common allergenic rubbers are latex and PVC, which can cause a serious allergic reaction as they contain type 1 natural rubber. There is no latex or PVC in the TPE used on the rear cover. The keypad touch points are ABS plastic and the internals are UL safety approved silicon rubber. Students will only have access to the ABS unless they have removed the keycap, and silicon should not cause an allergenic reaction.

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