1133 - Calibration after using Microsoft PowerPoint | Promethean Support

1133 – The ActivBoard calibration alters after using Microsoft PowerPoint

Applicable to:

  • ActivBoard 100

    ActivBoard 100

  • ActivBoard 300 Pro

    ActivBoard 300 Pro

  • ActivBoard 300 Standard

    ActivBoard 300 Standard

  • ActivBoard 500 Pro

    ActivBoard 500 Pro

  • ActivBoard Touch

    ActivBoard Touch

  • X1st Generation ActivBoard

    1st Generation ActivBoard

  • X2nd Generation ActivBoard

    2nd Generation ActivBoard

If required, recalibrate the ActivBoard before continuing.

Open the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, click the Slide Show drop down list and select Set Up Show.

Set the Slide Show Resolution drop down box to read Use Current Resolution.

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