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1123 – What is the admin.ini file in ActivInspire, and where is it located?

Applicable to:

  • ActivInspire


  • Linux


  • Mac


  • Windows


The admin.ini file for ActivInspire is for network administrators’ use. It should be set up by the specific network administrator to define where ActivInspire obtains certain information.

The admin.ini consists of a set of keys which override the default behaviour of ActivInspire.

To create an admin.ini file, you can either use the transform generator when selecting the Network Installation option during installation (Windows only), or you can create it manually. An admin.ini template is available to download here.

The keys used in the admin.ini to override the program behaviour are as follows.

Key 0: User’s profile path
Sets the user’s profile path e.g. “W:\Users\John Smith\Activ Software\ActivInspire\My Resources\My Profiles”

Key 1: Profile to use
The profile file name to be used by the program e.g. “John Smith Authoring.profile”

Key 3: Shared Resources path
Shared Resources can be saved to and opened from this path e.g. “S:\Share\ActivInspire Shared Resources”

Key 4: Personal Resources path
Personal Resources can be saved to and opened from this path. e.g. “W:\Users\John Smith\Activ Software\ActivInspire\My Resources”

Key 11: Disable online update
Selecting this option will remove the application’s ability to check online for software updates (Software updates require admin rights and a live Internet connection) e.g. “11=1” disables the online check.

Key 12: Path to user-specific application data
This option is only active in ActivInspire version 1.5 or above and allows the user to set a location for ActivInspire’s application data to be accessed.
If you use roaming profiles this is the redirected network location for your users’ AppData folder. It supports the full UNC path e.g. \\schoolserver1\Teachers\%username%\AppData\Promethean
NB: This key only becomes active when you use Key 0 so you will need to use Key 0 and Key 12.

Once the admin.ini has been created, please consult the relevant section below to find out where it should be stored.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Activ Software\Inspire

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The admin.ini file on Mac must be located inside the Package Contents of the Inspire launch file in order for the stipulated locations to become active. Once you have created the admin.ini, right click and copy it.

Go to Applications, and then select Promethean and Activsoftware Inspire.

Right click on the Inspire application file and select Show Package Contents.

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Browse to Contents then MacOS and paste the admin.ini file you copied earlier.

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NB: The creation and use of the admin.ini should only be carried out by network administrators. If you are unsure if this is required for your particular setup, please contact your network administrator for advice in the first instance, or Promethean Technical Support.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.