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1113 – What should I do if the ActivExpression firmware update fails?

Applicable to:

  • ActivExpression


On rare occasions, it may be necessary to update the firmware on your ActivExpression devices to allow new functionality. For example, there is an update to ActivExpression devices that requires a kernel and a firmware update. Occasionally the update may fail, and the ActivExpression no longer functions correctly.

Why does this happen?

The upgrades can fail for a number of reasons, the most common being either the device switches off mid way through the update (if the batteries fail) or the upgrades have not been performed in the correct sequence (if the firmware is updated before the kernel).

How do I know if my firmware update has not been successful?

If your ActivExpression screen appears normal, it is likely that the firmware upgrade has been successful. You can confirm the firmware version by powering on the device, pressing the MENU key and then selecting Diagnostics.

The firmware version will be listed on this screen, and will begin 9.x.xx. This number should correspond to the firmware version you installed.

If the firmware upgrade has failed, it is likely that the ActivExpression screen will display vertical grey lines when powered on.
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If your ActivExpression screen looks like this, you will need to reinstall the previous firmware version before reattempting the upgrade.

Before you begin

Ensure that you are using ActivDriver version 5.5 or later by clicking the ActivManager icon in your system tray or toolbar.

Select Control Panel and check the version at the bottom of the window.
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If you do not have ActivDriver version 5.5 or above, visit the ActivDriver support page to download the latest version for Windows and Mac. Linux users should visit article 1017.

If the ActivHub firmware is version 5.10 or below, select the ActivHub in the Control Panel and click Upgrade. Select the Internet option and click Load. ActivManager will check for a firmware upgrade for the ActivHub. Follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade the ActivHub.

If you do not have an Internet connection, please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support for assistance.

Reinstalling the ActivExpression firmware

Download this file and extract its contents (V9.01_0006.rf) to your desktop.

Ensure your 2.4GHz ActivHub is connected to the computer and detected by ActivManager.

Power on the ActivExpression device that displayed vertical grey lines.

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Click the ActivManager icon and select Control Panel. In the Hardware tab, tick the Show all 2.4GHz wireless device types box. Select ActivExpression and click Upgrade.
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Select File as the source and click Load.
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Browse to your desktop, select the V901_0006.rf file you downloaded earlier and click Open.
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Read the instructions and click OK.

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ActivManager will begin to broadcast the upgrade, and the progress bar will advance from 0% to 100%. This will happen repeatedly until you stop the upgrade.
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The upgrade can take up to 10 minutes. Once upgraded, the ActivExpression device should switch off automatically. At this point, click Stop to complete the upgrade process.
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You will then be able to turn on your device as normal.

If your device does not switch itself off after 10 minutes, the upgrade has failed. Please contact Promethean Technical Support for further assistance.

Once the upgrade is complete, the ActivExpression device will have returned to its original state. Should you wish to upgrade your ActivExpression devices for use with Self-Paced Learning, please refer to article 1420.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.