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1100 – Configuring PRM-32, PRM-35 and EST-P1 projectors for 3D use

Applicable to:

  • EST P1

    EST P1

  • PRM 32

    PRM 32

  • PRM 35

    PRM 35

  • Windows


Minimum PC requirements

System memory: 1 GB system memory

Disk space: 100 MB free disk space

Graphics card: Quad Core graphics card

Operating system: Dependant on the content being used

Configuring Promethean projectors for 3D

1. Connect your computer to the projector using a VGA or HDMI cable and power on the projector using the remote control

2. Press the Menu button on the remote control to open the projector menu
User-added image
3. Press ◄► on the remote control to move to the Installation II menu
User-added image
4. Press ▲▼ to move to the Advanced menu and press Enter or ►

5. Press ▼ to move to the 3D menu option and press Enter or ►
User-added image
6. Select the 3D option and use ◄► to select DLP-Link
User-added image

User-added image

3D Sync Invert

DLP Link technology is used to connect the 3D glasses to the projector. This means that the 3D glasses automatically connect to the projector without human intervention.

Stereoscopic 3D uses two images to create the 3D effect, one for the right eye and one for the left. When the 3D glasses are connected, they have a 50/50 chance of connecting each eye to the correct image on the screen.

Should the content not be displayed correctly as the 3D glasses have not connected to the projector correctly, you should set the 3D Sync Invert option to On using the ► button on your remote control.
User-added image

If you still need technical support, please contact us.

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