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1052 – How to download and install ActivInspire and import the Resource Pack

Applicable to:

  • ActivInspire


  • Mac


  • Windows


This article will guide you through the installation of ActivInspire on Windows and Mac, and explains how to import the ActivInspire Resource Pack.


Visit the ActivInspire Download page.

Select your language and operating system.

Enter your name, email address and occupation, and confirm that you have read and accept the terms of the Licensing Agreement to proceed.

Click Submit.

An email containing a link to download ActivInspire will be sent to your email address.

Now, take a moment to generate an Activation Key for ActivInspire Professional Edition, and download your free ActivInspire Resource Pack.

Installation on Windows

Once the software has downloaded, install it by double clicking the file.
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Select the Setup Type from the list and click Next. We recommend you perform a Full Install.
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Choose where you would like to install the software and click Next.
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Choose where you would like to install the Core Resources and click Next.
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Click the radio button to accept the terms of the license agreement, and then click Next.
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Click Install to begin the installation.
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The installation may take several minutes.
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Click Finish to close the window.
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Installation on Mac

Once the software has downloaded, open the package by double clicking the file. Inside you will find 2 files; ActivInspire and ActivDriver. Double click ActivInspire to install it.

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The installer will begin. Click Continue.

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Select your language and click Continue.

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Read and agree to the license terms.

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Click Install.

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Once installed, you can close the window.

Using ActivInspire for the first time

Once ActivInspire is installed and there will be a shortcut on your desktop. Double-click it to launch ActivInspire.

Next you’ll see the Promethean License Agreement window. Enter a User Name, Organisation and Activation Key. You should check the box to accept the terms of the license, then click OK.

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If you do not have an ActivInspire Activation Key you can leave this field blank. You can try ActivInspire Professional Edition for 60 days by clicking the Trial option. If you prefer to use ActivInspire Personal Edition only, or the trial period has expired, click Run Personal Edition to proceed.

The first time you run the software you’ll be asked to confirm which program you are most familiar with: ActivStudio, ActivPrimary or Microsoft Office applications (such as PowerPoint).

Resource Pack

Once your Resource Pack has downloaded, open ActivInspire’s File menu and select Import. You can choose whether you would like to import this file to My Resources or Shared Resources.

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Browse to the Resource Pack, select it and click Open.

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The resources will be imported and indexed.

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Once complete, the resources can be found in the Resource Browser in the Subjects folder.

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If you still need technical support, please contact us.