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1030 – ActivArena Upgrade Instructions for 2nd Generation ActivBoards

Applicable to:

  • ActivArena


  • ActivDriver


  • X2nd Generation ActivBoard

    2nd Generation ActivBoard

ActivArena dual pen functionality encourages collaboration in the classroom by allowing two users to simultaneously interact on the ActivBoard, using ActivInspire.
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Your 2nd Generation ActivBoard requires a firmware upgrade to use the ActivArena pens, and to enable dual pen functionality in ActivInspire.

IMPORTANT: Performing a firmware upgrade improperly can permanently damage your ActivBoard. The firmware upgrade should be carried out using a computer connected directly to the ActivBoard, bypassing any connection plates or wall boxes, using a 3 metre USB cable.

If you are using a laptop, please ensure it is connected to mains power. You should also ensure the ActivBoard is connected to a known-working power socket.

If the process is interrupted while the firmware upgrade is in progress, the upgrade will fail and the ActivBoard will be permanently damaged. If you are unsure about performing the firmware upgrade or which file to download, please check the ActivBoard serial number and contact Promethean Technical Customer Support.

Please follow the instructions below to upgrade your ActivBoard for use with ActivArena.

1. Download and install the latest versions of ActivDriver and ActivInspire.

2. Select the file you need to upgrade your ActivBoard from the list below:

US and APAC firmware for 64″ and 78″ ActivBoards
EU firmware for 64″ and 78″ ActivBoards
US and APAC firmware for 87″ and 95″ ActivBoards
EU firmware for 87″ and 95″ ActivBoards

3.  Right click on the .zip file you have downloaded and extract it to your Downloads folder.

4. Connect the ActivBoard to your computer. Click on the ActivManager icon in the taskbar or system tray and select Control Panel.
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5. Select the ActivBoard and click Upgrade.
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6. Select File and click Load.
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7. Browse to your Downloads folder and open the ActivArena folder you downloaded in step 2.
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8. Select the ‘DualPen’ file and click Open.
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9. If the upgrade does not start automatically, click Upgrade and follow the instructions displayed on screen. Once the firmware upgrade is complete, you must restart your ActivBoard by disconnecting and reconnecting to the mains power. Please follow instructions in article 1283 to do this safely.

10. Finally, close the window and launch ActivInspire. Go to Tools and select Dual User to use the ActivArena pens.
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If you still need technical support, please contact us.