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1015 – Which OPS is suitable for use with the ActivPanel?

Applicable to:

  • ActivConnect OPS G

    ActivConnect OPS G

  • ActivPanel


  • ActivPanel Elements Series

    ActivPanel Elements Series

  • OPS M

    OPS M

Each ActivPanel is equipped with a slot to the rear of the unit that can accommodate a small computer that conforms to the Intel Open Pluggable Specification (OPS). Promethean’s ActivConnect OPS-G device has been tested and verified to fully function with Promethean’s ActivPanels (version 4 onwards). The OPS-M device has been tested and verified to fully function with Promethean’s ActivPanels (version 4 onwards).

The objective of the OPS is to provide the ability for a wide range of computing units to be integrated into display units such as the ActivPanel based on standardised dimensions and the use of a common 80-pin JEA socket and other connectors.
ActivConnect OPS-G, OPS-M
There are many manufacturers of OPS computers, and individual units vary in terms of chipset and features offered. Some units are designed primarily for use with a manufacturer’s own digital signage solutions, whereas others are produced for use on a wider range of equipment.

In theory, all OPS computers should comply with Intel’s OPS specification. Promethean’s ActivPanel has implemented the OPS specification as closely as possible to the basic definition with the intention that any computer fully compliant with the OPS spec will operate correctly. Promethean’s testing of the ActivPanel has demonstrated that fully compliant OPS units will power on and operate correctly when inserted into the OPS slot on the rear of the panel.

In practice, some manufacturers apply certain elements of the OPS spec (often dimensions and connectors) and adjust the core operation of their units for particular purposes. The result of these particular adjustments may mean that individual OPS units may not operate in full or in part with the ActivPanel. As manufacturers of OPS units may change their unit specifications without notice, and individual unit specifications may vary by geography, Promethean is unable to make formal recommendations of third-party OPS units that can be used with the ActivPanel.

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