ActivWall End-of-Sale Announcement

Promethean is announcing the End-of-Sale and End-of-Support dates for the ActivWall 88 (NAM only), 102, and 135 in all markets (pictured on the right).

The last day to order the ActivWall 88 was July 30, 2019 and the last day to order the ActivWall 102 and 135 was September 30, 2018. Customers will continue to receive support from Promethean as shown in the Support Lifecycle table in the End-of-Life Policy. Table 1 below describes the End-of-Sale and End-of-Support milestones, definitions, and dates for the ActivWall. Table 2 below lists the product codes affected by this announcement.

Table 1. End-of-Sale and End-of-Support Milestones and Dates for ActivWall

Milestone Definition Date
End-of-Sale Announcement Date The date channel partners are notified of the End-of-Sale and End-of-Life of a product or service. N/A
End-of-Sale Date The last date Promethean accepted orders for the product or service. September 30, 2018 (ActivWall 102 & 135)

July 30, 2019 (ActivWall 88)
End-of-Support Date The last date Promethean will provide any type of support, product replacements, software updates or warranty related services for the product, part, component or service. September 30, 2022 (ActivWall 102 & 135)

July 30, 2023 (ActivWall 88)

Table 2. Product Codes Affected

End-of-Sale Product Code Product Description
AW88 ActivWall 88
AW102 ActivWall 102
AW135 ActivWall 135
WALLCAST WallCast Light Curtain
SSIHD-P1 HD Solid-State Laser Projector for ActivWall 102
SSIUW-P1 Ultra Wide Solid-State Laser Projector for ActivWall 135

Product Replacement Options

Current Promethean customers who do not wish to replace their ActivWall 88, 102, or 135 may continue to use the device.

Promethean customers who wish to replace their ActivWall should evaluate the ActivPanel Elements Series interactive displays as a replacement option. The ActivPanel Elements Series features a built-in Android 8 operating system, VellumTM Writing Technology, and an intuitive user experience via the Unified Menu. The ActivPanel Elements Series offers three models – the ActivPanel Nickel, ActivPanel Cobalt (not available in NAM), and ActivPanel Titanium. Information on the ActivPanel Elements Series can be found here.

Support Details

Promethean will continue to offer support subject to Promethean’s Terms & Conditions for support and the guidelines outlined per the End-of-Life policy. Per the End-of-Life policy, any software updates on the device including bug fixes will be subject to technical feasibility and resource availability.

A knowledge base of relevant product-specific videos, articles, manuals and software downloads are available to customers on the Promethean Support site:

E-mail support is available in all territories in which the products are available, with the following subset of applicable languages supported: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Chinese.

Telephone Technical support is available as stated on the Promethean Support site.

Availability of Spares

Spares listed below will still be available as per regional pricelists:

Spare Product Code Product Description
AW-TEACHER-PEN ActivWall Teacher Pen – For use with all variants of ActivWall
AW-STUDENT-PEN-1 ActivWall Student Pen – For use with all variants of ActivWall. Performs as the second pen, after the Teacher Pen.

More Information

For more information about the Promethean End-of-Life Policy, go to:

For more information about the Promethean Product Warranties, go to: