Comprehensive warranty cover for added peace-of-mind.

Promethean offers two warranty options:

Current Warranty Details (Updated September 2017)



The Standard Warranty is our basic warranty offering, automatically provided for all non-registered Promethean products.

The Standard Hardware ActivCare Warranty accompanies all products shipped from Promethean.

Promethean hardware products can still be registered to obtain a certificate, to start the warranty from the date of installation and to take advantage of toll free telephone numbers (country applicable). Registration must take place through Promethean’s Registration Portal within 90 days of the date of installation or set up.

To provide quality support, our Technical Customer Support Team will need your product serial number and/or proof of purchase*. We offer free, online support through our Promethean Support site and Promethean Support Community, as well as access to email and telephone support charged at a national call rate (where geographically available).

For information on your specific product’s warranty term, please see the details.

What is Return for Repair?

Return for Repair is a warranty service offered to you as part of Promethean’s Standard Warranty and Promethean ActivCare. If, following a complete diagnostics call with Promethean Technical Customer Support, the product is declared faulty, a replacement product will be shipped to you at no charge. The faulty product should be returned at the customer’s expense to Promethean before the replacement product is shipped. The replacement product installation expense is the customer’s responsibility. The replacement product will be shipped within seven working days of Promethean's receipt of the faulty product**.

Take a few moments to register your product and automatically upgrade your warranty.


Promethean ActivCare Plus offers purchasable premium warranty extensions and enhancements available for registered Promethean products, in addition to the Standard ActivCare Promethean warranty. If you're interested in purchasing ActivCare Plus, please visit the How to Buy section of the website and locate a local reseller near you.

To register your products and the ActivCare Plus warranty pack please visit the registration page.

Mix and Match ActivCare Plus To Meet Your Needs

Advanced Replacement

This upgrade from the standard Return for Repair service can be purchased for up to five years on relevant products, greatly reducing the time your product is out of action while you wait for replacement products. The replacement products are shipped at no charge and in advance of the faulty products being returned to Promethean by you. We aim to ship the replacement product within seven working days of the faulty product being reported**. Advanced Replacement is available only in certain countries.

On-Site Support

This option upgrades both Return for Repair and Advanced Replacement services to a full, On-Site Support service and can be purchased for up to five years on relevant products. On-Site Support means that an authorized Promethean Service Provider will attend site to repair or replace faulty parts, following a complete diagnostics call with Promethean Technical Customer Support. The Service Provider will arrive on-site within three days of the faulty product being reported**. This option is available only in certain countries.

*In some circumstances please see the Warranty Terms & Conditions.

**Subject to product availability, courier capability and geographical location.