ActivInspire Installation via Ubuntu Software Centre

1. Click here and save the Promethean.asc file to your desktop.

2. Load the Ubuntu Software Centre.

3. Click Edit and select Software Sources. Ensure that Community-maintained free and open-source software (universe) is checked. Uncheck this option and recheck it to ensure it is saved.

4. Select the Authentication tab and click Import Key File.

5. Navigate to the Promethean.asc file you downloaded earlier and click OK. Enter your password if prompted. You will see the Promethean.asc key listed.

6. Select the Other Software tab and click the Add button.

7. Copy and paste the following text into the dialog box then click Add Source.

deb precise oss non-oss

The repository will be listed. Click Close. If you are prompted to enter your system password, do so, and the Software Centre will be updated.

8. Click All Software then Promethean Software. It may take some time for this option to appear as the Software Centre is updated.

9. Locate the ActivDriver and Promethean ActivSoftware Metapackage, and then click Install, entering your password if prompted. Once the software has been installed, you should reboot your computer.

You will find an ActivInspire icon on your desktop and the ActivDriver icon in your taskbar.  ActivInspire can be launched from your desktop shortcut.  Alternatively, go to Applications then Education. 

Software can also be uninstalled via the Ubuntu Software Centre. Simply highlight the package you want to uninstall and click Remove.