If your computer image is not being displayed on the ActivPanel and a No Signal message is also present, please try the following:

  • • Turn on the ActivPanel before turning on any computer that is connected to it
  • • Ensure the correct source is selected on the ActivPanel, please refer to article 1571
  • • Test using a direct connection between the computer and the ActivPanel (bypassing any wall plates or connection boxes)
  • • Test another HDMI port on the ActivPanel, ensuring you switch source to the new port
  • • Test with another HDMI cable, preferably one that is working with another computer and ActivPanel

If the issue still persists, we recommend checking online to see if there are any driver updates available for your chipset and graphics card. We suggest that you first check with the manufacturer of your computer, and if no updates are available from them, check with the manufacturer of your chipset and graphics card.

We have recently seen a number of instances whereby updating these drivers has resolved any issues reported into us. This applies to various models of graphics cards and chipsets. Additionally, if you have an ActivPanel 5 or 6, once your computer image is successfully displayed on the ActivPanel, we also recommend enabling remote management on the ActivPanel. This setting keeps the HDMI ports of the ActivPanel in an 'On' state, meaning that the computer’s graphics card should remember the previous setting used.

To do this, go to the ActivPanel Setting menu | Boot Setting and set Remote Management to On. This setting will be disabled if mains power to the ActivPanel is lost, or a factory reset is carried out, so will need to be re-enabled.