The Annotate app is perfect for quickly annotating over anything that is displayed on your screen. The Annotate app can be launched from the pink menu button.
A toolbar will appear containing pen and highlighter tools, as well as a colour palette, eraser, clear all, undo and redo buttons. To move this toolbar, tap and drag it in the pink area at the bottom.
User-added image

Should you wish to interact with other things on your screen, tap the Eye icon in the toolbar first. This will temporarily hide your annotations, allowing you to launch another app in the background. To show annotations again, simply tap the Eye icon. 

N.B: Annotations can still be altered while they are hidden, so tapping the Undo or Clear all buttons would affect your annotations. 

To close the Annotate app, tap the X at the bottom of the toolbar. 

If you do not have the Annotate app, check for updates on your ActivConnect device by following the instructions in article 1556.

The Annotate App is compatible with ActivPanel 4 onwards