If your ActivConnect G goes into standby (the ActivConnect LED is red and No Signal appears on the screen), it is possible to wake it by tapping the screen.

NB: This function is only available from ActivPanel 4 onwards, except ActivPanel 4.5.

This will only work when your ActivConnect G is connected to the recommended HDMI port for your model of ActivPanel, as described in article 1625.

The HDMI_CEC option in your ActivPanel Setting menu must also be set to ON for it to work.

If you are unable to wake the ActivConnect G by tapping the screen, reseat the ActivConnect G power cable to take it out of standby, then update your ActivConnect G to the latest software version. To do this, please follow the instructions in article 1556.

You may also need to upgrade the mainboard firmware of your ActivPanel if it is not on the latest version. Please contact Promethean Technical Support for assistance.