This article explains how to download and install ActivConnect G-Series software updates for devices which are not connected to the internet. We recommend checking the Promethean Support home page regularly for ActivConnect G-Series software update announcements. 

Before you begin, tap Settings | About tablet and ensure the model number is ACON1-G. If so, please continue with the steps in this article.

Download the update on your computer

Two versions of the software are available. It is vital that you select the correct software based on the configuration of the device you are updating. Installing incorrect software could prevent applications from functioning correctly.

• If you have a newly-installed ActivConnect G-Series, or you have not installed Google Services on your device, download this file
• If you have installed Google Services on your device, download this file.  

NB: If you are on a Mac using Safari, you should ensure that your browser does not open safe files after downloading. To do this, open your browser, click the Safari menu, and then select Preferences. On the General tab, uncheck Open safe files after downloading at the bottom of the window.

Perform the update

  1. Download the relevant software to a USB drive. You do not need to extract the contents of the .zip file.
  2. Connect the USB drive to the USB/OTG port on the ActivConnect G-Series.
  3. On the ActivConnect G-Series, tap the gear icon and then tap the Update app.  User-added image
  4. Select Local update.  User-added image
  5. Select the USB drive.
  6. Select the software update .zip file you downloaded.
  7. The Update app will verify that the file can be used for the update. (If verification fails, please re-download the relevant software file and try again).
  8. Once successfully verified, select Upgrade to begin the update process.
  9. The device will restart. Once the update is complete, the ActivConnect G-Series home page will be displayed.