The ActivCast app on the ActivConnect OPS-G and ActivConnect G-Series (v1.0.19 onwards) has a Mirroring Status Screen. Launch the ActivCast app from the Home page to open this screen.

On this screen, you will see:

  • Names of mirrored devices
  • QR Connect Code and Connection ID
  • The name of your ActivConnect device
  • Wired and wireless IP addresses
  • An option to generate a PIN code. When a PIN is set, users will be prompted to enter the PIN on their devices when mirroring. 

Mirroring Requests

When a user wishes to mirror their device, their screen will not be displayed automatically. Instead, users' requests to mirror their devices should be allowed or denied by tapping the relevant option at the bottom of the screen.

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During mirroring, tap the View icon in the bottom left corner to display the name of the mirrored device. 

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To return to the Mirroring Status Screen, tap the Exit icon in the bottom right corner.

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The Teacher/Moderator can double tap on any mirrored device to display it in fullscreen mode. 

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To disconnect a mirrored device: 

  • During mirroring, swipe upwards on the mirrored device 
  • On the Mirroring Status Screen, tap the Delete option next to the mirrored device