Error Code MessagesWarning LEDLamp LEDPower LED
Power onOffOffBlue
Power offOffOffOrange
Lamp failOffOnOff
Over temperatureOnOffOff
T1 errorOff1 blink3 blinks
T2 errorOff2 blinks3 blinks
Thermal break sensor errorOffOff4 blinks
Lamp strike failOffOff5 blinks
Ballast failOff2 blinks5 blinks
Ballast over temperature in startOff3 blinks5 blinks
Ballast over temperatureOff4 blinks5 blinks
Burner fan errorOff1 blink6 blinks
Lamp fan errorOff2 blinks6 blinks
Lamp door openOffOff7 blinks
DMD errorOffOff8 blinks
Color wheel errorOffOff9 blinks
Ballast communication errorOff1 blink10 blinks

In the event of an error, please disconnect the AC power cord and wait for one minute before restarting the projector. If the POWER or LAMP LEDs are still blinking or the WARNING LED is lit, contact Promethean Technical Customer Support.