Error Code MessagesPower LEDLamp LEDTemp LED
System initialFlashOffOff
Ready to power on (Standby)OnOffOff
System power onFlashOffOff
Lamp lit, system stableOnOffOff
Over temperatureOffOffOn
Thermal break sensor error4 blinksOffOff
Lamp fail5 blinksOnOff
Lamp temperature shut down5 blinks1 blinkOff
Lamp short circuit in output detected5 blinks2 blinksOff
Lamp end of lamp life detected5 blinks3 blinksOff
Lamp did not ignite5 blinks4 blinksOff
Lamp extinguished during normal operation5 blinks5 blinksOff
Lamp extinguished during run-up phase5 blinks6 blinksOff
Lamp voltage error5 blinks7 blinksOff
Lamp ballast error5 blinks8 blinksOff
Ballast watt value is out of range
(Lamp Normal & Eco mode)
5 blinks9 blinksOff
Lamp ballast communication error5 blinks10 blinksOff
Fan 1 error6 blinks1 blinkOff
Fan 2 error6 blinks2 blinksOff
Fan 3 error6 blinks3 blinksOff
Case open7 blinksOffOff
DAD1000 error8 blinksOffOff
Color wheel error9 blinksOffOff

In the event of an error, please disconnect the AC power cord and wait for one minute before restarting the projector. If the POWER or LAMP LEDs are still blinking or the TEMP LED is lit, contact Promethean Technical Customer Support.