By installing the software and accepting the session, Users explicitly give Promethean permission to access PCs and networks in order to diagnose, where possible, any incorrect settings related to the operation of Promethean hardware and software. Users do so at their own risk and assume full and complete responsibility for undertaking any actions suggested by Promethean. Promethean cannot in any circumstance be held liable or responsible for any faults occurring in network functionality, software, operating systems or data during or after or in any case where permission has been provided by the User.

Promethean is entitled to assume that if you give access and any User information ID in relation to any computer or network at your location, that you have all necessary consents and permission from those whom you have provided access and User ID details of, including any network administrator, supervisor or other person responsible for IT matters at your location.

Promethean cannot guarantee to be able to connect to your network if restrictions are in place disabling remote connectivity from browser-based applications, and we also cannot guarantee that our remote service will resolve your problem.

Promethean recommend for your security and privacy that you exit any applications you have open that are displaying content such as personal or confidential information before initiating a remote support session with a Promethean representative. Promethean further recommend that you remain seated at your desk throughout the entire remote session.

Promethean’s recommendation is to ensure that you backup your data on a regular basis and prior to engaging in any session.

Promethean will not be liable for any incidental, indirect, punitive, special or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection to the remote connection services, products or software provided. Promethean shall have no liability for the following whether direct or indirect: (a) lost or corrupted data or software, loss of use of system(s) or network(s), or the recovery of such; (b) business interruption or downtime; (c) loss of goodwill or reputation; or (d) service, products or software not being available for use.

The User acknowledges that personal data may be collected, accessed or viewed by Promethean in connection with the provision of the services and by permitting the session to commence the User is authorising the use of personal data by Promethean for the purposes of the services. Personal data will be used in accordance with Promethean’s Privacy Policy, which may be accessed at https://www.prometheanworld.com/en-gb/legals/privacy-policy.

If you agree to the points raised in this disclaimer, and wish to allow a Promethean representative to remote connect to your device to help investigate your query, please click each link below in turn for your device. N.B. You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions in this disclaimer before being able to obtain the software.

For ActivConnect G:

For ActivConnect OPS-G:

If you are viewing this article on the ActivConnect device, download both files and swipe down from the top to display your notifications. Alternatively, browse to the files you have downloaded using the Explorer app to locate them.
Select TeamViewerQS.apk to install it first. Click Next and Install to install the application. Repeat this process for TeamViewerQSAddon14.apk or TeamViewerQSAddon.apk.

If you are viewing this article on a computer, save both files to a USB drive and follow the instructions in article 1592 to install the software on an ActivConnect G and article 1661 to install the software on an ActivConnect OPS-G. Install TeamViewerQS.apk first, followed by TeamViewerQSAddon14.apk or TeamViewerQSAddon.apk.

Once installed, swipe from the left and tap the Utility icon. 
User-added image

Select QuickSupport from the list of apps. 
User-added image

The Promethean representative will then be able to take control of your device.