Before you begin, tap Settings | About tablet and ensure the model number is ACON1-G. If so, please continue with the steps in this article to install Google Services.

NB: These instructions are for ActivConnect software version 2.2 onwards.
To check your version and update your device, follow the instructions in article 1556.

Download GoogleServices_2.2.apk to your computer and copy it to the root of a USB drive.
Now, connect the USB drive to a USB port on your ActivConnect G.

Tap the Setting icon on the home page. User-added image

Tap the Utility icon, and then Explorer. User-added image

Tap the USB drive icon on the left-hand side of the screen then select GoogleServices_2.2.apk from its location on your USB drive.User-added image

Now tap Install.

Accept any messages displayed during the installation. Once complete, tap Open and follow the instructions on screen.

After installation, the app will offer to reboot. Please allow this option. Once complete, you will be returned to the home page.

Should you wish to add the Google Play app to the Quick Launcher, please follow the instructions in article 1550.