To ensure that you can instantly get started, your ActivConnect is preloaded with educational apps and tools to complement your lessons. The following apps and tools are featured on your ActivConnect home page. Check out the icons below to learn more.

ActivConnect Icons

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Android Icons

Android icons

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Android Home Page settings

Like any Android device, you have unique press and hold options. 

Android home page settings

Press and hold in the middle of the Quick Launcher until a popup appears. Select one of the following options: 


The Quick Launcher

The Quick Launcher is on the home page with default shortcuts to: Opera Browser, ClassFlow, ActivCast, Webcam, Promethean App Store, Impression Gallery and Help.

Quick Launcher
Each shortcut is a bubble; additional bubbles can be added. Press and hold any bubble in the Quick Launcher until the Edit icon popup appears. You can select Single tap, Double tap or Remove the bubble.

Quick Launcher edit


You can use the Toolbar to easily return to the home page, launch the instant whiteboard, or capture a screenshot of your page. It is always accessible and can be placed anywhere on the screen.

Moving the toolbar

You can use the Toolbar to easily return to the home page from anywhere. It is always accessible and can be placed anywhere on the screen.

To navigate using the Toolbar:
1.    Select the Toolbar.
2.    Press and hold to drag and drop the Toolbar to any desired location on home screen.
3.    Select the Home button to return to the home page.  


There are several ways to navigate your ActivConnect. As with any Android device, you can swipe in four different directions, each allowing you to uniquely navigate the ActivConnect. 

1.    Swipe from the top down to access Android settings and configurations. 

Swipe down

2.    Swipe from the bottom upwards to access the Android toolbar. 

Swipe up

3.    Swipe from left to right to access Android icons. 

Swipe left

4.    Swipe from right to left to access Android widgets. This screen will be empty until you add widgets. 

Swipe right


Use the Browser to access the internet. ActivConnect uses Opera as its browser.

To use the Browser:
1.    Select the Opera bubble. The Opera browser will launch.
2.    To navigate away, launch an additional web search in the browser.
3.    Press and hold the screen in various places for additional options.
4.    Press the Toolbar to return to the home page.

If you have a webcam connected, then you can use the Webcam bubble to launch it.

To use the Webcam:
1.    Connect a webcam to the interactive display.
2.    Ensure the webcam is powered on and working properly.
3.    Make sure the webcam is on a flat surface for stability.
4.    Select the Webcam bubble. The webcam setup page will launch.
5.    Select any settings and resolutions desired.
6.    Select Start if not immediately launched into live feed.
7.    Press the Toolbar to return to the home page.


To mirror devices to the ActivConnect, you must first begin the mirroring process by selecting the ActivCast on the Quick Launcher. You must also verify that the unit and the mirroring devices are on the same WiFi/Local network.

Follow the instructions in article 1532 to mirror your screen using ActivCast.


Open Promethean App Store to browse and download apps and games.


Use ClassFlow to access your ClassFlow account where you can create and deliver lessons, assessments and assignments to your students. Learn more and join for free at


Use the Help bubble to access the Help Page at any time.

Use the Impression Gallery to access all your images and video. Camera, video and screen captures are automatically stored in the gallery.

To use the Impression Gallery:
1.    Select the Impression Gallery bubble to launch the gallery home page (this will be empty until you populate with images).
2.    Select the menus at the top to access settings and display options.
3.    Select an image to share, edit or show more options: set as wallpaper/contact photo, print, slideshow, details and delete.
4.    Press the Toolbar to return to the home page.

Gallery options


The Home tool allows you to quickly return to the home page.

Screen capture
The Screen Capture tool allows you to easily capture screenshots of anything displayed on your screen. ActivConnect also allows you to annotate directly onto the screenshot prior to saving the image. The saved images will be added to the Impression Gallery for later use.

To use the Screen Capture tool:

1.    Display on current screen what you wish to capture.
2.    Select the Screen Capture tool.
3.    Make any annotations (if desired).
4.    Select Save. The image is saved to the Impression Gallery.
5.    Select ‘X’ to exit the screen capture tool. 

Instant Whiteboard
The Instant Whiteboard tool allows you to instantly turn your classroom display into a blank interactive canvas. You can then use the annotation tools to write or draw while presenting a lesson.

To use the Instant Whiteboard tool:

1.    Select the Toolbar.
2.    Select the Instant Whiteboard tool to launch the Instant Whiteboard app.
3.    Use the whiteboard toolbar selections to annotate, save or exit.

User-added image
When working on the ActivConnect, not all screens provide you with a back button, so this is a helpful feature when trying to go back to a previous screen.