If you are unable to uninstall ActivDriver using the uninstaller application, disconnect all Promethean devices from your Mac and follow the instructions below.

Click the ActivManager icon and select Quit.
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Click Yes.
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Go to: 
Applications | Promethean and delete the ActivDriver folder
usr | local | share and delete the promethean folder
Library | LaunchAgents and delete com.promethean.activhardwareservice.plist
 | LaunchAgents and delete com.promethean.activmgr.plist
| local | lib and delete libactivboardex.dylib
| local | lib and delete libactivlog.dylib
and delete Promethean-activdriver.ini
| Promethean and delete the Atlas folder

Restart your Mac to clear the cache and remove the ActivDriver and its components. Next time you log in, ActivDriver should no longer be installed.