There are two variants of the ActiVote devices: those which communicate via RF (with the 2nd Generation ActivBoard or via an RF ActivHub), and those which communicate via 2.4GHz (via the 2.4GHz ActivHub):

RF ActiVote handset:

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2.4GHz ActiVote handset:

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The ActiVote handsets can be differentiated by the symbol on the device. If the following symbol is on the device, they are 2.4GHz ActiVote devices, if this symbol is not present, they are RF ActiVote devices:

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Symbol on 2.4GHz Promethean Devices

The table below shows how many ActiVote handsets can be registered and used with Promethean software:

SoftwareRF ActiVote handsets2.4GHz ActiVote handsets
ActivPrimary 364500
ActivStudio 364500

Since December 2011 we no longer provide support for ActivPrimary or ActivStudio.