FlipFix is a program that you can use to attempt to fix corrupted flipcharts. The zip file containing the program (FlipFix.exe) along with a supporting .dll file can be found on our Support site.

Download and unzip the two files into the same location on your computer.

If you find that one of your flipcharts cannot be opened in ActivStudio or ActivPrimary, try fixing it with FlipFix.

NB: This program only works on Windows and you can only use it to attempt to fix .flp files, i.e. flipcharts created with ActivStudio or ActivPrimary.

The program will attempt to fix the targeted flipchart and create a recovered copy in the same location as the original.

The chances are that even if the flipchart is recovered, there will be elements within it that will still be corrupt or lost.

Finally, please note that this program is not guaranteed to recover a corrupted flipchart.

Since December 2011 we no longer provide support for ActivPrimary or ActivStudio.