ActivBoards are supplied with a 5m USB cable (3m for 500 Series ActivBoards). Should you require a longer cable, the following options are available:

ActivBoard 100, 300 Standard and 300 Pro

Promethean’s Wireless Upgrade kits provide a safe and reliable wireless connection to your ActivBoard using 2.4GHz ActivAir technology. This product increases the range between computer and ActivBoard to 100m. Please contact your local Promethean reseller for more information about the following products:

Wireless Upgrade Kit for ActivBoard 100 and 300 Standard

Wireless Upgrade Kit for ActivBoard 300 Pro

NB: To continue using sound with an ActivBoard 300 Pro, you should connect an audio cable from your computer to the amplifier on the left hand side.

2nd Generation ActivBoards

Use a Keyspan serial-to-USB adapter to connect a 20m serial cable to your computer.

All ActivBoards

Should you decide to use USB extension cables, please refer to article 1058 for further information. You may need to remove the extension cables and reconnect the supplied USB cable for troubleshooting purposes.